New toy Tuesday!


Especially NEW toys. They keep therapy fresh and fun (for both of us).

Todays new toy I discovered from a colleague and bought it on Amazon.

Hungry Color Me Hippo by Playskool.  All my kiddos from ages 1-4 just LOVE to put things INTO something. Weather it be flashcards into a mailbox or coins into a piggy bank, kids just love having something to DO with the objects or cards. This little gem says the color, shape or food that is going into its mouth. It lights up and can also be used in Spanish mode.


Here are just a few therapy goals that can be targeted with this toy:

Receptive language task

  • color identification
  • fruit identification
  • body part identification
  • following basic instructions (put in, take out)

Expressive language task

  • Vocabulary colors, fruit, shapes, actions
  • Which one does the hippo want to eat?
  • Which one is your favorite?
  • Is the hippo still hungry?
  • Where did the food go?

Depending on level of language, responses could be

  • point
  • one word
  • yes or no answers
  • two word
  • etc…
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